Travel Planning at HoJoe - No Home Office

HoJoe Coffee and Eatery – Kenora Ontario

When you don’t have a home office, you find other spaces and use them like they are. During this trip to Kenora one of my favourite “offices” was at HoJoe Coffee & Eatery, a local favourite in Kenora.

HoJoe opened it’s doors in 2005 and right away the city took to the idea of specialty drinks that represented life in Kenora. Originally names HoJoe Coffee and Books, the space was used for live music and book launches (**NERD ALERT** one event I will never forget is the launch party they had for the final instalment in the Harry Potter series). In 2015 the coffee shop changed locations (moving just a couple of doors down), trading away its live music and book space for something a little more quaint. Since opening 12 years ago the HoJoe menu has expanded to include cold-pressed juices (the only place in Kenora), homemade sandwiches and salads, and baked goods on top of their specialty hot drinks.

Although the drinks are fabulous, HoJoe will always be a favourite of mine because in my mind they embody community spirit. Their Pay-It-Forward wall, where a collection of coffee sleeves all with messages to people who may need a pick me up are hung, is front and centre in their new location. “A frozen hot chocolate for a toddler”, “A coffee for a Thistle’s mom from a Wheat King’s mom”, “A tea latte for a former Kenora resident” are just a taste of the giving the wall encompasses.0d7d8ca1-9103-4034-893a-c8e3c9dc85eb

On top of the Pay-It-Forward sleeves, the staff at HoJoe also put their own touches on every coffee sleeve that leaves the store. With encouraging messages about following your dreams or doing what’s right for you, the sleeves can be as uplifting as the drinks themselves.

My personal recommendation at HoJoe is the Kenora Mist latte. This vanilla tea latte is light and warming. For a bit of colour add a sprinkle of cinnamon to the top, or for something a little sassy ask for a shot of mint. Speaking of mint, the Argyle (named after one of the city’s famous boats) is a mint tea latte made with chocolate milk (my second favourite). If you stop by in the summer months try out the Frozen Hot Chocolate while you stroll along the harbourfront.

Have you visited HoJoe in Kenora before? I’d love to know about your experience! Don’t forget to check out the reviews I have on several other Kenora hot spots!


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