Kenora Sunset - No Home Office

Kenora At a Glance

Sometimes going home can be a stressful experience. Things, people, and places are always changing, and going back to something familiar only to see a bucketload of changes can be anxiety striking for anyone. I was lucky enough that, this time around, my trip to Kenora was nothing but lovely.

For those of you who don’t know, Kenora (ON) is nestled among a series of lakes in North Western Ontario. Laying just east of the Manitoba boarder, Kenora’s closest airport is in Winnipeg (MB). In the winter, thanks to the crazy cold weather conditions and the lack of lake life, the town is rather lazy with a resting population of just over 15,000 (which rises dramatically in the summer when seasonal residents return to the lakes). Most locally owned restaurants don’t operate on Mondays and most shops close up around 6pm daily. If you get the chance to visit in the summer it is a completely different experience (I’ll let you know more about it when I come back this summer).

Kenora served as the home of my office for a total of 22 days. Unfortunately, after being diagnosed with a faulty gallbladder, I spent a large portion of my time here on bed rest or in and out of the hospital waiting to have it removed. For the rest of my time here I got a chance to visit some old favourites (multiple times) as well as some new classics.

As I look back on my visit to Kenora, I have no regrets. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t schedule my visit for a better time of year. Next weekend (February 15-18), Kenora will be hosting Hockey Day in Canada (the Kenora Thistles won the Challenge Cup (known now as the Stanley Cup) in 1907), and this summer they will play host to the rowing portion of the Canada Summer games. If you are around for either of these events I encourage you to spend a day in Kenora! Experience the beauty and the hospitality of this tiny gem of the north just off of the Trans-Canada Highway.

As I pack my bags to start my next adventure in Winnipeg (MB), I’m leaving behind my family, some friends, and the beautiful wildlife that Kenora holds. I love city living but there is nothing like a quiet night filled with stars or a radiant sunset over the lake in my home town.

Stay tuned for my in depth write ups on HoJoe Coffee & Eatery, Spirit Oak Tea Inc., Unfixed, and the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company coming soon.


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