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Spirit Oak Tea Inc. – Kenora, Ontario

I’m pretty sure my tea cupboard is more full than my closet and yet every time I’m in Kenora I have to make a special stop at Spirit Oak to top up on a couple of my favourites.

The shop itself is rather quaint and old fashioned looking. The walls are lined with shelves of tea that cover all the bases: Green, Black, Pu’erh, Fruit & Herb, Yerba Mate, Wellness, White… I’m probably forgetting a couple. In front of each tea tin is a small bowl of tea for you to smell as well as ingredient lists for those who may have allergies.

Spirit Oak opened in 2012 under the name Golden Chicken. I was away at school when they opened but ever since learning about it’s existence I’ve been a fan. Karla, the owner and resident tea sommelier, is friendly and has brought on a staff with a wide knowledge of tea. If you’ve never brewed loose leaf tea they can teach you all you need to know. If you need to pick up a mug, pot, steeper, or tea bags they can help you with that too.

On top of loose leaf tea to go, Spirit Oak offers hot or cold takeaways as well as tea lattes for those fancy folks out there.

1901702_10152332987851761_711062979249745563_nSome of my personal favourite teas from Spirit Oak are the Black and Tan (a classic black tea with hints of vanilla), Hen (a women’s health tea), Instant Human (think coffee, chocolate, and tons of caffeine(the kick in the pants I needed in University)), and Root Beer (a guilt free sassafras herbal tea that tastes just like the real thing). Pick up a cup, a bag, or just a tea menu and see what you think!

Let me know about your favourite Spirit Oak Tea blend and check out my other Kenora area reviews!


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