Relax, stay a while - Unfixed

Unfixed – Kenora, Ontario

img_8311Unfixed is more than a word, it represents a way of life. A life full of travel, opportunity & excitement.

-Lindsay Roehrig

To some it may just be a quote on a wall, but to me, the quote written daintily on the wall of Unfixed by its owner/operator, represents the kind of life that a no home office-er like myself yearns to have. From the giant world map painted on the wall, to the international currency lacquered into the tables of the cafe, Unfixed feels welcoming from the first glance.

Attached to the giant world wall is more currency along side photos of Unfixed visitors who have travelled and taken photos with the cafe’s business cards or other Unfixed paraphernalia. Local art, for sale, hangs on the walls as well as road signs that mark the distance to popular travel destinations. The bookshelves are lined with old favourites and new finds and family friendly board games are scattered around some of the larger tables. Did I mentioned there is also free wi-fi? There is something for everyone.

img_6132Throughout my time in Kenora I visited Unfixed three times (I wanted to go a fourth but the cafe was closed); The first time for a ‘Name that Tune – Beach Bash’, the second for coffee with a good friend, and the third time to enjoy some live music by a local artist. I throughly enjoyed myself every single visit! My only regret is not having the opportunity to grab something to eat from their (always) $10 lunch menu.

If you follow Unfixed on Facebook it is easy to find their list of special events and art nights, updated regularly, as well as their ever-changing meal menu. Since opening in May 2016 it has become one of the go-to places for live music and homemade lunches, a true community-minded business.

The drink menu at Unfixed covered all the bases: hot, cold, alcoholic, not alcoholic. I couldn’t pick a favourite drink if I wanted to (but I guess if I had to the stand outs in my books would be the coffee infused wine or the Rise & Stein – did I mention they have their own specialty coffee??)!img_6075

Possibly the best part of Unfixed is the hospitality. Lindsay’s positivity is endearing and the joy she has for the business is encouraging. On busy event nights she brings in her friends to help her out but during the day it seems like she may be the only staff, a feat in itself. A traveler herself, she understands what wanderlusters need to feel at home. I recently learned that she has been awarded the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Kenora District Chamber of Commerce awards banquet, a well deserved moment of recognition for this hard-working woman.

If you’re in the Kenora area and plan on visiting Unfixed make sure to double-check their Facebook page for closures or events. As I mentioned, Lindsay is a traveler and it’s hard to get someone with the travel bug to settle down for too long; the cafe may be closed while she is off on an exciting adventure of her own but don’t fret, she will always return with a great story to tell.


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